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Hi, I'm Anastasiia,

an NYC-based journalist.

General Assignment,

Longform, Data, Investigative Reporting.

Dystrophia beat.

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Reporting  Investigative Reporting  Audio Production Data 

Excel and Google Sheets  Social Media Graphic Design

About me

I'm a Russian-born and U.S.-made journalist who is passionate about character-driven story-telling, investigative journalism and the secrets data sets can reveal. I'm interested in education, politics and policies, the mental health system, misinformation and online radicalization and everything that would fall under the dystrophia beat. 

My work has appeared in POLITICO Magazine, Brooklyn Eagle, Charleston Gazette-Mail. I've covered general news, education and business for The Princeton Times, W.V.  I've founded and written for My America Without Prejudice - a digital interactive project designed to expose people to different views on the U.S. before they could stereotype individuals holding them.

Currently, I'm sharpening my skills at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism in NYC. 

The last time I did something cool

This fall, I explored my interest in the topic of online radicalization and the effects conspiracy theories have on people when I worked on a long-form story that talked about the ways QAnon affected families.

For this story, I followed half a dozen people whose loved ones once followed QAnon. I check with them on regular basis, sometimes a few times a week and observed how the growing difference in the world view changed their relationship dynamic. I dove into the complex unreality of QAnon, researched the psychology of conspiracy theories and the history of blood libel and conspiracy theories in America.

As a result, I wrote a piece about two estranged brothers and a woman watching her husband become someone she didn't recognize. The piece is currently is being reviewed for publication by a major news outlet.

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